Confessions of a Fangirl: The Good, The Great, & The Craig Stealer

Confessions of a Fangirl: The Good, The Great, & The Craig Stealer

So, I moved to Florida just over two weeks ago and homesickness is in full swing right now.  I miss my car, my mom, my car, my brother, my car, my friends, I even miss the snow.  This post has been sitting in drafts for a while now and when I saw it tonight it made me miss my friends even more so I decided to actually post it.  So, this is a glimpse into what I get up to when I’m at home in Alberta with my friends ;)

Alright, so I’m a fangirl.  Not a huge one.  But I do have some fangirly tendencies every now and then… right, who am I kidding.  I AM A FANGIRL AND I AM PROUD.  It’s a strange dynamic in that I’m actually shy so that’s where having a not so shy fellow fangirl friend comes in handy at events such as the Calgary Expo.  Thankfully, I did happen to have one of those on hand.



Meet the fangirls:

JillThe Fangirl.  The type of fangirl who knows stuff about the objects of her fangirl love before they do themselves.  The non-shy fangirl friend extraordinaire who has little to no qualms about stalking her favourite famous menfolk; on any and every social media platform as well as in person at any con or expo she can possibly attend.  Basically, if you want a hug from Craig Parker then she’s the friend you want to go with because she’ll get his attention even if it kills her.  However, she is also that friend who will totally conversation bomb you with said handsome actor in an entirely conspicuous manner.  More on that later, though.

Christine.  The internal fangirl.  The one who quietly gushes over her secret loves to herself without feeling the need to stalk them any further then the odd wikipedia page search.  Easily the only one in our group with her head firmly placed on her shoulders and not in the clouds dreaming up new and creative ways to stalk, kidnapmeet, and marry her favourite celebrity.  She’s also the only one of us who has been able to snap out of the post Expo I-just-met-the-star-of-my-fandom haze and get on with real life because she possesses this special super powered brand of self discipline and a firm grip on reality that Jill and I completely lack.

Me!  Protege of The Fangirl, Jill.  I used to be a quiet internal fangirl, I really did.  In the pre-Jill days, Christine and I had this great little system going where we didn’t let our newest fandom completely take over our lives.  Until one fateful day when Christine and Jill met in their Chem lab and Christine invited her to sit with us for lunch.  This was the beginning of the end for my subtle fangirling ways.  I went from merely reading a few wikipedia pages to full blown google stalking.  Then came Twitter lurking and browsing Tumblr gifs during my lunch hours.   Moral of the story: Unbalanced fangirl company corrupts mentally stable fangirl character.  Unless you’re Christine.  In which case you simply roll your eyes.

All three of us live in and around the Edmonton area so the drive to Calgary is only about three hours.  The drive down consisted of the three of us thoroughly tweaking our schedule in order to maximize our stalking capabilities.  Christine did the driving and we arrived at the Holiday Inn shortly before noon on Friday morning and then immediately continued via the LRT to get to the Expo grounds.  The LRT platform is also where I got my first dose of terrifying reality.  There were about half a dozen con-goers dressed up in their fandom costumes with some of them looking anything but human.  I hate clowns.  I hate mascots.  I basically hate anything that’s dressed up in a not normal way because they kinda TERRIFY THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUTTA scare me.

rsz_p1050829rsz_p1050791rsz_p1050773After standing in line for a while to get our weekend passes and wristbands we were free to explore/stalk.  I was beginning to grow accustomed to all the scary costumed folk which was a good sign.  We walked around for a bit orienting ourselves with the venue and then we got down to business.  Stalking.

So, who did we all see?  Well, here’s the list:

Steven Yeun – Glenn from The Walking Dead who is just as cute in person as he is on screen.  Norman Reedus – Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.  And really, who doesn’t have at least a mini-crush on Daryl?  Cary Elwes and Chris Sarandon from The Princess Bride.  I know they’ve been in other stuff, I’ve just never seen any of them.  We went to their panel which consisted of them primarily talking/reminiscing about making The Princess Bride all those years ago.  They were pretty funny actually, it was an entertaining 45 minutes.  Lena Heady from GoT, 300, and about a million other projects.  I wanna look like her when I grow up.  I’ve decided.  Haha, I wish.  John Rhys Davies.  I don’t even think I have to point out which shows he’s from but I will anyways.  You know, in case you’ve been living under a rock or on Jupiter or somewhere equally remote.  LotR and Raiders of the Lost Ark are what I mainly know him from although I have seen him in other movies.

Craig Parker.  I can’t even.  He was just so fabulous.  Nicest guy at the Expo.  For those who don’t know who he is, you really need to familiarize yourselves with his perfection.  He played Haldir on LotR, Giaus Claudius Glaber on Spartacus, Darken Rahl on Legend of the Seeker, among other roles.  Needless to say, Jill and I were pretty anxious to see him.  Jill caught sight of him first, reefed on my arm whisper-screaming, “It’sGlaberit’sCraigit’sGiausClaudiusGlaberDOYOUSEEHIM!!!!”  I immediately joined in with the fangirly whisper-screaming too with a slightly squeaky, “Ohmygoshit’sHALDIR!!”  For the first day we just unsubtly hung around his table or somewhere else where he was in clear view.  Second day, Jill went to get an autograph and take a picture with him.  A picture that I took by the very important way.  He was absolutely lovely.  He really stopped and talked to us too.  Which nearly caused our fragile fangirl hearts to explode and left us in a haze like state of on-cloud-nine-itis.

IMG_2326About the doll he’s holding; Jill makes these plushies of tv characters.  They’re great!  She made a Dr. Who (10th) for Christine, an Arthur (BBC’s Merlin) for me, and her’s in the picture is Agron (Spartacus – which Craig was in).

rsz_p1050849Which leads us to the Craig stealing incident.  So, day 1 was Craig stalking.  Day 2 began with Jill getting his autograph and a picture with him.  Later on that day as we were heading out we coincidently passed by his table.  Some girl ran past and shouted out to him how fabulous she thought he was and he came out and gave her a hug.  Jill, being the bestest fangirl friend ever jumped on that bandwagon and pointed at me shouting, “She thinks you’re fabulous too!”  That’s the story of how I got a hug from Craig Parker.  He gives such good hugs!!  So yeah, my knees nearly gave way and I FREAKING BOWED!  Who does that!?  I blame years and years of Taekwondo training and having to bow to everyone all the time.  I was a little mortified and he just hugged me again.  Because he really is just that fabulous.  Day 3 is when Jill’s sister went into labour back in Edmonton.  The doctors assured her that we had the rest of the day before we really had to start worrying about getting back from the expo.  I went to finally get a picture with Craig.  Naturally, Jill tagged along.  Everything was going good, I got my picture, even let Jill in on it, started talking to him, and then Jill completely conversation bombed blurting out, “My sister is having a baby!”  Proceeding to talk about it with him because she’s the WORST FANGIRL FRIEND EVER.  And really, how could he ignore that?  I just stood there blinking furiously while shooting useless invisible lasers at her with my mind.  Turns out she could feel the laser beams though so I guess I was doing something right.  The second we got outside she devolved into a fit of ‘I’m so sorry but…’ excuses for her terrible conversation bombing behaviour.  One apology ending with, “I could feel you shooting me with telepathic lasers.”  Christine just stood there texting.  Because she’s the normal one.


Every once in a while we would split up.  This is what typically ensued.  Jill’s white, I’m blue.  I should not be sharing this…

rsz_p1050761rsz_p1050889The Torchwood cast!  Pretty much our main reason for even coming to the Expo in the first place.  They didn’t disappoint!  Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto Jones) arrived wearing a stetson, pulling the look off ridiculously well I might add, which immediately endeared him to everyone in Calgary right then and there.  Honestly, he looks way better in person then he does on film… which is saying a lot since he looks pretty darn fetching on tv!  Also, his real accent is slightly different from his Ianto accent and it’s lovely.  He’s so nice in person too.  Then we met Captain Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman!  Ok so he’s gay and old enough to be my dad.  And now he’s even married to his partner, Scott, who we also got to meet.  I don’t care.  He’s just so awesome!  And he looks really good for his age, undeniably hot for a older guy.  He’s also in the WB series Arrow as Malcolm Merlyn.  Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) is a personality and a half!  The three of them also had a panel together in which Barrowman kindly dropped his pants to reveal his comic book briefs.  We saw them a bit later to get a picture and they were all just so personable!

rsz_p1050826Misha Collins.  Castiel from Supernatural.  Ok another confession: up until the last, like, minute and a half of season 5 I was the biggest Supernatural fan.  I still watch it religiously but I have my thoughts on how it should’ve ended with season 5.  I think there were actually times when I might’ve honestly thought I was going to marry Jared.  Yes, I’m a Sam girl.  Anyways, Misha is like anything but his character!  For one, he’s hilarious.  His panel kept the entire audience in stitches.  He was in another panel with fellow cast mates, Mark Sheppard (Crowley) and Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Sr.).  Which again, was a total riot.  Half of it was basically the three of them making fun of Jared and Jensen.  As much as I was more excited to see the Torchwood panel, I enjoyed Misha’s panels more.

rsz_p1050844rsz_img_2312rsz_p1050816 (The middle picture is Endor Moon in Lego)

Carrie Fisher and Ian McDiarmid – Princess Leia Organa and Darth Sidious.  I LOVE STAR WARS!  For anyone who figured out my old url, you already know this.  I was only able to see the tail end of Carrie’s panel thanks to a couple of no good friends who don’t really care about StarWars.  No, I just let them do all the panel planning because I was mooching a ride off of Christine so I figured I should leave the scheduling up to her and Jill.  Still, from what I did catch she was pretty funny!  When she exited the stage a whole bunch of people light up their lightsabers which I thought was pretty cool.

rsz_p1050878rsz_p1050817Nathan Fillion.  Another confession: I’d never seen anything with him in it until I saw the second Percy Jackson movie just recently.  So while Jill and her sister were freaking about about walking right past him I didn’t even recognize him.  Which is truly awful of me since he’s an Edmontonian and even went to the same university as all of us girls.

There were lots of other people there, like Stan Lee, but honestly, if I hadn’t seen them in anything I didn’t care.  There was some cool shopping there.  Got myself some super cute R2D2, Millennium Falcon, and Tardis earrings.  Seeing the effort some people put into their costumes was thoroughly impressive too!  The whole weekend was a lot of fun.  Hanging out with the girls, stalking celebrities, squishing into the same bed because we were too cheap to rent a cot, virtually endless fangirling.  And we wonder why none of us have boyfriends…


  1. Disclaimer: This is a false representation of the one named Jill (me). Do not believe what is written in this post. It is very far from the truth. I swear.. Omg.. I SAID I WAS SORRY FOR THE CONVERSATION BOMB I WAS JUST SO NERVOUS TO BE THAT CLOSE TO HIM AGAIN OMG CRAIG UGLY SOBBING.

    • Hahahaha dude that entire comment just reinforced my point. Don’t worry, I look back at the conversation bomb with appreciation now because I have a quirky story to tell about it. Also, I brought that sweater to Florida…

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