Where To Next?

Where To Next?

I’m not much of a bucket list person.  Even if I was it’d change every couple of days and quadruple in length every few weeks; and then I’d forget half of what was even on the list as soon as my newest travel obsession occupied my thoughts for more than, like, a minute.   I get much too easily distracted for something as hefty as compiling and completing a bucket list.  I also believe that as a traveller, there comes a time when you have to be thankful for the places you did get to see and the things you were able to experience whether they’re from a bucket list type of ‘must see’ plan or not.  That being said, I definitely have my priority destinations – ranging from whole countries to just a single UNESCO site.  The ones that nothing short of a full fledged civil war will stop me from seeing… Syria, I wanted to visit you so bad!

Iraq.  As a rule, I don’t divulge this travel aspiration much.  It comes with extraordinary amounts of ‘Your funeral’ remarks from almost everyone I’ve ever told.  As I’m sure everyone here has figured out, I love the subject of history.  Specifically ancient history.  Ancient history geek + the physical remnants of Iraq’s ancient past = a dream destination.  A potentially dangerous dream destination but one I really do want to go to regardless.  Please don’t judge me, readers.  Pretty please?  ;)

South Korea.  I’ve been practicing Taekwondo since I was a kid and had to subsequently learn about Korean history and culture in order to pass through the higher belt levels.  All of which piqued my interest into one day venturing there.  Then I was introduced to K-dramas.  Then K-pop.  The obsession with South Korea has just been getting more and more life consuming ever since.  Until the day I make it over there, I shall retreat unto my ever beloved Kdramaland… aka viki & dramabeans.

Spain.  Because who doesn’t want to go to Spain!?

Angkor Wat.  I have always wanted to pay this place a good long visit.  Sprawling ancient temple structures are totally my thing.

Tatooine – er… Tunisia.  Has anyone noticed my url?

Malta.  Honestly, my reasons for wanting to go there are purely based on pictures I’ve seen of it.  It looks absolutely lovely, particularly Valetta.  I could be dead wrong.  I certainly hope I’m not though and I would love the opportunity to discover that for myself one of these days.

Germany.  My mom’s side of the family is German and quite a lot of them still live over there.  I have no good reason for not having been there yet.  I pretty much have an open invitation from some of my mom’s cousins to come and stay with them.  So yeah… shame on me, I know.  It is on my priority travel destination list though.  I have quite a bit of family history there too.

Peru.  A really good friend of mine lived there for three years traversing the country by teaching English; learning Peruvian Spanish and a decent amount of Quechua along the way.  She’s always talking about how much she misses it and all the places she saw there in such a manner that it makes me miss Peru and I haven’t even been there!  My brother and I have been talking about going there for years now but school and work always seem to get in the way.  One day, though, definitely one day.

Prague.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the travel blogosphere who hasn’t been to Prague.  It looks absolutely charming!  I haven’t been to very many castles either so the fact that Prague comes complete with it’s very own castle just beckons me even more.

China.  Because who didn’t watch Mulan as a little girl and want to go to China?  And catch a pet Mushu.  Seriously though, I just feel like it’s got so much to offer just about anyone.  Big metropolitan mega-cities, museums, temples, historic archeological sites, and pandas!  Chinese history is just so fascinating too.  So extensive!  Honestly, I’m just itching to get over there one day – preferably soon – with plenty of time and a well charged camera.

Ethiopia.  Mainly Axum and Lalibela.  Again, history.  I’m just a real sucker for these types of old and ancient sites.  Both for learning about them and for photographing them.  Being able to run my hand over some of these structures is simply something that I think is so cool.  Like, so much history has passed in front of these places and now here I am, standing right in front of them.  Yeah, I fangirl over ancient and medieval ruins like that.

Israel.  Talk about history!  It’s borders contain so many holy sites to so many people.  There’s just something really special about getting to visit places that mean something to people.  Kind of like when I saw the video my cousin took when our Grandpa went back to his ancestral hometown in Germany and the emotional, tangible attachment that I could see he felt.  Yeah sure, if you appreciate history then places like Karnak Temple will undoubtedly mean something to you, don’t get me wrong it definitely meant something to me getting to walk through the great hypostyle hall!  It’s just that, as a Christian who loves travel I really can’t help but be completely drawn to a faraway land where my Jesus walked and performed miracles and died for my sins.  And now that’s getting super personal – onto the next destination ;)

Luxembourg.  In a similar vein as my desire to visit Malta, it just looks like something strait out of a fairy tale.

Tikal.  I had to write a few essays on the ruins of Tikal for school and ever since I’ve had a specific yearning to go see it for myself.  My professor for that history class had been there and talked about it endlessly compared to the other Mesoamerican sites he’d visited.  Which is probably why we all had to write multiple whole essays on just that site and then only one single essay addressing all the other Mayan sites combined.  Either way, my interest in one day visiting the Pre-Columbian city for myself rather then just writing about it has yet to subside.

DisneyWorld.  Ok, so maybe this doesn’t sound very ambitious of me but, I really, really want to go to DisneyWorld!  I love everything Disney, I still want to be a Disney Princess when I grow up, if I ever really grow up, and I sincerely like the idea that it’s one of the very few places in the world where I can run around acting like an overexcited kid again without being too judged for it.

On a broader scale, I’d really, really like to go on an African Safari!  I still call lions and baboons ‘simbas’ and ‘rafikis’ ok.  I just think it would be such an awe inspiring spectacle to witness.  As much as I tend to harp on the historical angle of things all the time I can’t imagine any ancient ruin being quite as neat as seeing so much wild nature at play.  And let’s face it, we all watched Kratt’s Kreatures and Zaboomafoo as kids and wanted to/still want to see every animal they ever featured.

I would also like to see more/all buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Meaning that places such as Chicago are naturally on my radar.

Egypt was always the place I wanted to see more than anywhere else in the world and I was able to accomplish that last year.  It was the most extraordinary experience for me.  I’m actually almost of a mind to still add it in this post even though I’ve already been there just because I have every intention of going back some day.

Ok so I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a beach person.

So where do you want go next?  What are your dream destinations?  Also, have you been to any of the places I listed and have any tips?


  1. Great list of countries! I like making up lists but am always adding to it. Iraq has great history and Germany just plain rules. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that hasn’t been to Prague (I am going in February, finally). And yes to the African safari; that is on my list too. Someday…somehow!

  2. This is a pretty solid list, Kirsten! All of them are on mine – though I’ve been to both Disney World and two DisneyLands (spoiled kid, much?). Actually, I went to Disney Paris a few years ago….

    But anyhow, Prague is up there – I’m hoping to go very soon as half my boyfriend’s family is from the Czech Republic. I also LOVE Mulan! One of my top 3 Disney films.

    I’m sure you’ll get to these places soon, lady!

    • Mulan is one of my favourites too! I think *fingers crossed* I’m going to be able to go to DisneyWorld in July finally which I’m super excited about. Glad to know I’m not the only one wanting/planning on going to Iraq one day ;) Have fun in Prague!

  3. Yes yes yes to China! The visa is a hassle but once you’re there it’s totally worth it. China was one of the funnest experiences of my life even though I was working while I was there. I have to go back one day to see the rest of the country!

    • I want to go to China so bad! Everybody I know who has been there has been completely blown away by it. One day!

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